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Founded in 2005, NABSF is the philanthropic arm of NABS. As such, it plays a crucial role in fundraising, asset management, and the stewardship of activities associated with these responsibilities. Gifts and grants from individuals, corporate entities, foundations, and other organizations provide the resources necessary to accomplish NABSF'S educational, research and public service mission. NABSF is the depository and fiduciary for these funds. NABSF's activities and initiatives are managed by a Board of Directors comprised of respected divers and community leaders with extensive experience and professions in law, business, academia and industry.


To develop the next generation of Aquatic Stewards.


The mission of NABSF is to provide grants through targeted initiatives focused primarily on marine, aquatic, environmental and educational initiatives to include but not limited to the following:

  • Promote scuba diving, water skills, environmental awareness, and archeology and conservation programs focused on youth from various backgrounds with special emphasis on disadvantaged and at risk youth.
  • Develop educational programs that stimulate interest and knowledge in the marine world.
  • Provide scholarships that encourage and support the increased presence of minority college students studying marine, environmental and archaeological sciences.
  • Promote increased water safety in minority communities in response to the high incidence of water related death and injuries in these communities.
  • Promote career opportunities in the areas of marine, oceanographic, environmental, archeological and related programs.


NABSF Officers: NABSF is chartered with a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Board of Directors:The Board of Directors shall consider and elect members bi-annually as they may formally apply for membership.

An affirmative vote of a majority of the Directors shall be required for election to membership. Qualifications for election to the Board of Directors of the NABS Foundation shall be based on having standing as a respected leader within their community and the NABS association as well as a commitment to support the mission and goals of NABS and the NABS Foundation. Those elected to the Board of Director of the NABS Foundation do not have to be members of NABS though they must accept, understand and be willing to promote the goals and objectives of the NABS Foundation.

Programs(Each page will have a static section using the info below, a section for events and a section for past events (news).

Youth Programs: Youth Programs are activities that support the learning and engagement of middle school- and high school-aged students. Some of the activities include: Poster Contest; Essay and Speech Contest; and engagement activities like Coral and Oyster Restoration.

College Programs: College Programs are activities that support college-aged young adults. Activities in this area include: Scholarship Program; Internship Program; and engagement activities like Eel grass and Habitat Restoration.

Education & Awareness Programs: Education and Awareness Programs are activities that increase the awareness and understanding of youth and young adults about the aquatic environment. Activities in this area include static and interactive displays and forum about aquatic careers and the aquatic environment.

Science & Safety Programs: Science and Safety Programs are activities that increase the water skills of youth and young adults and support local and regional restoration activities.

Activities include: swim training; snorkel training; scuba training; and scientific diving.

Calendar: First event is Coral Restoration Expedition V (CRX V).