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Grant Process

Grant Timeline

Grant applications must be received by the 15th of the months of January, May, and October. Applications will be reviewed and funded three (3) times a year during the months of February, June, and November.

How To Apply

The NABS foundation only accepts electronic applications submitted through its Apply Online process. Applicants will receive an electronic notice confirming receipt of the application via e-mail.

Grant Restrictions
  • Subject to available funds/resources.
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, or national origin.
  • Political or partisan organizations or candidates.
  • Organizations established to influence legislation or specific elections.
  • Social functions or advertising in commemorative journals, yearbooks, or  special event publications.


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Has the NABS Foundation contributed to your organization in the past? If so when and describe what contribution was for and the amount.

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If your organization receives a grant from the NABS Foundation, does your organization, In consideration thereof, (1) warrant and represent that any grant received from the NABS Foundation will be used solely for the purpose you described herein, and (2) hereby agree to submit, upon request, independent audits showing how your organization used any such grant from the NABS Foundation? Yes No

The undersigned certifies the information and statements in this application are true and correct as of the date submitted. The undersigned understands falsification and/or omission of material facts in this application may be cause of disqualification. The undersigned acknowledges the NABS Foundation is relying on the information contained in this application and other statements or materials submitted to decide whether to give requested funds.

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